The Music of June

A nice sampling of June’s music culled from various sources; namely, UNC’s WXYC radio broadcasts I taped, the band’s circulated demo cassette and tapes that Tricia and Kat gave me over the years. I digitized the cassettes in 2012 and have posted them in streaming format below so that you too can enjoy some of the lovely music this Chapel Hill band crafted with care and long hours, and the special places their music could take you.



      Feeding On the Same Things (unreleased, circa 1993, early demo)
      Theme of the Anti-Hero (1993 XYC broadcast)
      The Boxer Resilient (from 1994 5-song demo cassette)
      Bees In A Jar (from 1994 5-song demo cassette)
      Stripteaser (1993 2nd single A-side)
      Long Dance (1993 XYC broadcast of Stripteaser b-side)
      Genius (3rd single, sourced from 1994 5-song demo cassette)
      All of Me (3rd single, sourced from 1994 5-song demo cassette)
      Smells Like Glass (unreleased, recorded 11_1994)
      Feeding On the Same Things (early live recording, 1993)

All songs written by June: Cook/Gross/Magowan/Price/Tuttle, Copyright control,
except *”All Of Me” written by Simons/Marks.

I don’t have any digital versions of the band’s sole album/cd (and I gave my vinyl copy to original drummer Matt as a keepsake). As it’s still commercially available and considered an ‘official’ recording for an extant record label, none of the selections onboard yet are from their official 1996 Beggar’s Banquet full length release. Folks interested in that can still find cd copies as well as mp3 downloads and the odd rare vinyl copy on Amazon and itunes and should seek it out. If you take a look at the Video page, someone has (for the time being) uploaded most of it to YouTube.

Their third and final single before signing to Beggar’s, 1994’s double A-sided “Genius/All of Me” 45 produced by Mitch Easter, which was on the Squealer Records website until somewhat recently, has finally gone out of print; so now they are both onsite as well. I’ll also try to digitize my cassette version of their really fun Richard Hell cover “The Plan” from the North Carolina band compilation put together by Ross Grady. That compilation was a limited edition pressing of 1000 from 1995, so since it’s out of print and not commercially available anymore it fits our criteria. Also coming: their first A-side, “I am Beautiful” from spring 1993. If anyone has any decent live recordings they’d like to share, feel free to get in touch. Happy listening!

17 thoughts on “The Music of June

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  2. Thanks for this site! I’ve been a June fan since the 90s — they were one of those off-the-beaten-path bands for me. Keep up the good work!

    • Valeska, las canciones 1993/94 se suspendió. Aún se pueden encontrar las versiones de 1996 en y itunes. Gracias por tu comentario.

  3. Thanks for putting this page together! I was just listening to I am Beautiful and a google led me here. Lots of great listening in store.

    I also saw June at their last show at DAP back in 1996. While that was a truly all-star lineup, I really came in large part to see them!

    • Good on you, KS, for making it to the DAP show! Standing all day under the wilting August NC sun in the middle of an unshaded baseball field to hear my fave Chapel Hill band play its last set was too depressing and sunburn-y a prospect, lol. Kudos for going and showing your support.

  4. Is this [redacted] June fan? I’ve got tons of stuff, including about 3 or 4 full length gigs on video, plus unreleased demos and even the Mitch Easter-produced “The Boxer,” which remains my favorite (but still unreleased song).

    • Bring it on, MG! I’d love to get a few live cuts if you have any. Best of luck with your writing and political consulting gig; enjoyed your efforts during the Dean campaign, btw.

      “The Boxer” is indeed an overlooked gem. I remember taping your live in-studio gig on XYC and having to frantically call the station while you guys were playing that song because the engineer only had Kat’s mic signal going out over the air, because you had just done the interview portion and the instrument mics hadn’t been brought back into the mix yet, lol.

  5. Dude! I bought a copy of this album in ’98 or ’99 at the Austin Records Convention out of someone’s 4/$1.00 clearance bin. I was delightfully surprised by this album but the utter lack of info about them at the time was a bit disheartening. Needless to say, I’ve shared the album with many people since then, and still listen to it today. Since I was afraid it was irreplaceable, I’ve taken great care of that CD. It’s great to finally find info and other fans!

    • Hey DH, thanks for checking in. They played SXSW there in the 1994-96 range. The onsite songs will make a good listening companion to your admirably-doted-upon cd. Enjoy.

  6. It truly was a great time to be in Chapel Hill playing and listening to music… Many, many thanks for putting this together… it brings back a lot of memories. Hello to all who is still out there playing!!

  7. I think this page is awesome personally because Tricia is my sister! I just loved their music and SO wish that they were still together! This brings back so many good memories! Thanks for the page!!!!

    • It’s a family affair then, because your cousin was once my roommate in Boston. When I was moving to Chapel Hill, I stayed with Tricia and Andy, and became a die-hard fan as soon as Andy played me “Theme of the Anti-Hero.”

      Great people, great music.

  8. I was good friends with Kathryn Cook in the 80’s. She, my best friend Chad, and I had such fun times..clubbing, hanging out, etc. I bought this CD the day it came out and think it’s amazing. I am careful with it but listen to it on occasions. I was at one of their first shows… in Charlotte,NC. Anyway, what a good band they were. Wish Kat all the best.

  9. Great site! I graduated in 1994 and June was my favorite local band. A friend of mine made a vampire film after we graduated, and several local bands appeared in it, including Squirrel Nut Zippers and June. They played Bees in a Jar for their set – I have a poor-quality DVD with a clip of it. I have a CD of I Am Beautiful and listen to it often – I wish Bees in a Jar was on it!

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