First up on the video page isn’t really a video, per se, but a playlist of the band’s “I Am Beautiful” full-length cd, kindly uploaded to YouTube in late 2012 by YouTube user bloobface. This is a welcome addition to ‘teh internetz’ in general, and to this June music appreciation site in particular, since we don’t have any 1995’96 material up on the Music page yet. This video playlist does not appear to include the album’s closing track: June’s cover of “I’ll Pick Up My Heart (And Go Home)”.

Somewhere out West in Edward Abbey country there’s an ex-Colorado River guide who may yet one day surface with some old hi-8 June videos and give a proper accounting of the band’s prolific 1992-1994 period. Until that day arrives, the following videos are all I’ve been able to track down of the band.

As video cameras became a little more affordable and commonplace in 1995 and 1996, you started to see a few bands’ friends occasionally show up to tape shows around Chapel Hill at places like the Cat’s Cradle, Local 506, Lizard & Snake (ex-Hardback Cafe), Columbia St. Bakery, Carrboro Arts Center, The Cave, Henry’s, etc. So while there’s a better chance we may someday run across some live footage of the 1995-1996 John Howie-era June, I believe there were fewer live shows during the band’s last year-and-a-half to pick from; -owing to the chunks of time the band reasonably needed to both break in a new band member and then pick a record label, prep and record their official cd with Beggar’s Banquet.

However, we do at least have the official video they shot in Durham for “Stripteaser” (see page bottom; will replace Metcafe’s recently dead link shortly), and maybe somewhere down the line some 40-something European fan will dig out an old concert video he/she filmed of the band on their cross-Atlantic jaunt and put it up on YouTube.

The four live songs here were shot three weeks apart in early ’94 for the local Triangle area (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, NC) program “Live Around Town”. No fancy audio feed or crystalline sound, just a simple representation of what you may have heard that night had you walked into the Brewery or Duke Coffeehouse and seen a local band performing, trying to make do with the monitor mix, etc.

If you liked a lot of the Chapel Hill bands from that era, you can go here where there’s actually a pretty good sampling of the local fare of that time from the “Live Around Town” folks. Kudos to them for that.

[editor’s note, 8/20/2013: with the new ownership @ myspace requiring log-ins to access certain content, the 4 video links below don’t always stream/link correctly. We’ll have a workaround in the next 2 weeks as we suss it out. Thanks for your patience.]

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